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                Loowi Magnetic Blocks @ Loowi artToys
                       Loowi® is an original inventor and manufacturer of educational construction artToys.
                       Loowi® Magnetic Blocks @ Loowi® artToys
                       Loowi® Magnetic Blocks, including cube, regular-triangle square prism, and right-triangle square prism, etc., which are with flipping and skipping magnets inside, could be useful for words learning, maths teaching, spatial memory training, pictures words matching, Sudoku logic cubes games, Interactive Wall-Demolishing Game, Rubik's cube playing, simple models building, and transparent version Loowi® Magnetic Blocks for children's obervation on magnetism actions. Each branch of idea requires different package for its distribution channel. Welcome to cooperate with us on the promotions works of Loowi® Magnetic Blocks.
                Loowi Magnetic Cubes @ Loowi artToys

                Loowi Magnetic Blocks, Colorful Box @ Loowi artToys

                Loowi®, To Guide Children Loving artToys!
                Commodity: Loowi® Magnetic Blocks
                Model: LWCK36A
                Suitable for 1-3 Ages
                QTY: 12pcs cubes, 24pcs triangular prisms per box
                Color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
                Barcode: 6953123860362
                Order No.: 60362
                Outsizes: 415*272*860mm/box
                Gross Weight: 1.01kgs/box
                MSRP(Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price): RMB486/box

                Loowi® artToys, High Level Toys&Gifts
                Recommendation: Like to play towards smarter! To play together is more fun!
                Recommendation: Skillful in Hands and so Clever in Mind. A Special Gift with Art Education & Intelligence Handworks Skills.
                Manufacturer: Xiamen Loowi Toys Co.,Ltd.