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                That's Loowi - Published by Ollineck, Poland

                作者:乐为美术积木暨乐为∏英雄动画 时间:2019-01-30 20:17
                Loowi & Big Loowi Magic Pearls

                First and foremost, fun.
                Secondly, development and education.
                Thirdly, therapy.
                That's Loowi.

                       Blocks are timeless toys. They allow children to make believe and create different stories, so they can become inquisitive explorers. They encourage problem-solving and the building process itself develops curiosity and independence in children. Completing a building task affects children's self-esteem, and by playing together with others they learn to understand cultural norms and values, resolve conflicts and respect a different point of view. Blocks help support the child's comprehensive physical and psychological development. They help develop math skills like counting, grouping or arranging patterns. The young ones learn how to differentiate between different colours and shapes, and for older children, blocks are a great tool for developing creative and logical thinking. Building blocks stimulate spatial imagination, helping children learn the principles of construction while teaching planning and developing motor skills. Playing with blocks allows one to develop visuo-manual coordination and movement skills. It is also worth remembering about the obvious - blocks are all about having lots of fun - that's why blocks and construction toys have become our passion ...

                Loowi Magic Pearls

                       We have studied many of the important professional references to the value of construction toys in education and therapy as set out in articles reports, reviews and oppinions. These and others the kind and helpful comments to the experts help us add to new items, improve our designs and constantly develope our items and the work cards and instructions we provide in every single set.

                ---"Blocks are the most important toys in a child's room.
                And Loowi blocks are one of the most interesting available on the market."
                Magdalena Stachowiak, Child-Friendly World

                ---"I have used Loowi for hand therapy with children who have a neurological or orthopedic deficiency in motor skills.”
                Marta Ku?mińska, physiotherapist,

                       I discovered Loowi when playing with my child. I was amazed by their shape and one-way connection system, which allows children to build movable structures. Even my daughter, who does not like building blocks and related games, was playing with intent, which allowed her to develop her ability to build by following instructions and then building her own creations. When I gave the blocks to a nursing home, therapists from the centre reported that even older children were building with Loowi blocks during conversations and this helped to quiet them down. At the same time, I was looking after my father who had a serious stroke, and I spent a lot of time in centres with physiotherapists. I watched their work and saw that Loowi blocks would be a great therapeutic help for people with hand disorders as well as for seniors. That's why I was very happy when introduced BIG LOOWI, in other words, bigger blocks, perfect for the less able hands of small children and older people. By the way: playing with this toy is a beautiful way to build and strengthen relationships between grandchildren and grandparents, or even great-grandparents.

                Ania Oka, a journalist in the toy industry
                Ania Oka, a journalist in the toy industry
                a judge at competitions with children's products,
                a mother of two, a blogger with the first blog about toys in Poland

                1 Place Child-Friendly World Competition
                KOPD Children's Rights Protection Committee
                2018 Good Design Product Recommanded For The Contest

                       I look at Loowi with a heightened interest. First, as a teacher, designer and author of products that support children's education. Secondly, as a mother of four very active, bilingual children. I see a toy ideally designed in terms of safety, function and design. A toy that, apart from building, can be used in numerous developmental and educational games, starting from the simplest ones like how to segregate the blocks according to colour, to tasks for late preschoolers and children starting school - for example, math activities, where the blocks are used in place of numbers.
                       As a mother, I see a classic toy that I would play with in my childhood, but which is just as good for my future grandchildren to play with. A toy that allows siblings of different ages to spend time together. As every mother knows, this is so important for families with many children. Loowi is a toy we don't give away, but store in the closet to take out for the next child.

                Agata Skjold, educator, creator of educational aids
                "Great design, quality and many possibilities
                for didactic application."
                Agata Skjold, educator, creator of educational aids

                Published by Ollineck, KLOCKI, Poland in January, 2019.